Soaring from the Western Europe, Austria Card is known by far for its innovative yet remarkable products, be it in the payment or the ID sector. Continuously conquering the world of contactless, Austria Card has made its presence known & felt by its great movement, especially with the dual interface cards which serves as a pace setter among many countries.

There has been a newly renewed outburst of interest in biometrics in the cards industry and how it can be applied to cards to enhance security & ease of use. Biometric scanners come in different shapes and sizes and also differing in technologies on the card body part. 

The increase intention in ID card and e-Document forgery may seem to be getting out of hand recently, especially when criminals are going up and beyond, to achieve their goals by attacking the weaknesses in the personalisation process itself. There are many ways to increase security measures on an ID card which includes but not limited to laser engraving, lamination overlay and more. 

iconLatest Press Releases

03 July 2015
Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is the first SIM card provider to receive both the product certification from NXP Semiconductors for MIFARE Classic and from the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group for MIFARE4Mobile Version 2. With this first certified SIM platform – SkySIM CX  Hercules – G&D provides a SIM card for secure remote provisioning and management of MIFARE-based services for mobile network operators, trusted services managers and service providers.
The SkySIM CX Hercules from G&D is based on a powerful processor and offers enough storage capacity for several transactions to run simultaneously at high speed. Since it supports the contactless technologies such as MIFARE (Classic, DESFire, EV1) and Calypso, users benefit from a highly secure SIM when using their devices as an electronic ticket, for example in public transport or at events of any kind, or for identifying themselves when passing through physical access control systems.
01 July 2015
Moki, a software platform providing cloud-based management, security and analytics for Customer Facing Devices,  has recently  announced that PayPoint, a player in payment technologies, has selected Moki’s Total Control system to manage the deployment of its next generation POS terminals in the UK and internationally. PayPoint has chosen Moki to implement and scale a new generation of industry-grade payment platform terminals. The agreement covers deployment of Moki software to those outlets in PayPoint’s 37,000 strong retail network that need stand-alone terminals and also allows for substantial growth, as needed.
Moki Total Control will provide the remote management, security and policy-based compliance of all PayPoint’s in-store payment devices, enabling PayPoint to upgrade payments infrastructure, deploy innovative new services, generate more transactions and better extract and analyse data.
29 June 2015
ZipZap, the mobile POS (mPOS) solution from Paycorp, has partnered with Microsoft Mobile to offer businesses and retailers a mobile solution that enables them to accept payments from customers wherever they are, transacting anywhere, anytime.
ZipZap mPOS, coupled with a Lumia smartphone, enables merchants to accept all card payments, issue e-receipts via SMS or email, and view a detailed transaction history via the free app or the online merchant portal. The combined package allows for enhanced business insight and management through Microsoft Office preloaded on Lumia.
29 June 2015
Apriva has announced  partnership with Amano McGann, the  provider of parking automation in North America. Through this partnership, Apriva will be enabling integration of their EMV-ready Apriva Gateway into Amano McGann’s parking solutions for both attended and unattended parking systems across their network of more than 5,000 locations.
“Apriva is the ideal partner to enhance our payment systems to support EMV acceptance. Not only will our combined solution provide us an option to present to our current and future customers to accept new EMV cards, but they connect us to most major processors and can accommodate emerging payment forms,” said Joe Survance, SVP   Marketing & Business Development at Amano McGann. “With the rapidly changing market we need to be agile and able to incorporate new standards and technologies with ease, and this partnership allows us to do just that.”
Apriva's Integration Services Programme  allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and mobile and embedded developers, to easily implement credit, debit, EBT, loyalty and closed-loop payment processing into their solutions. Once integrated, applications and POS solutions can communicate with the Apriva Gateway over a wired or wireless network providing access to payment processing providers. Apriva maintains relationships with more than 35 payment processers in North America, along with all leading wireless carriers, and currently works with more than 1,000 merchant acquirers and ISOs across the US  and Canada.
25 June 2015
Spire Payments’ new suite of Linux-based POS terminals (the SP range) continues to gain global acceptance by achieving Compass Plus approval for TranzWare system. This milestone builds on the rapidly growing number of payment systems able to support the SP product line, and offers anever-growing number of acquirers, banks, ISOs, payment gateway providers and large retailers a legacy estate replacement strategy, together with the ability to exploit the latest payment technologies (such as contactless payments, HCE, smart loyalty schemes and mPOS).
The SP product line spans the entire breadth of environments where POS devices are deployed: countertop (dial-up and IP); portable (Wi-Fi); mobile (GPRS); multilane (RS232, USB, Ethernet); and mPOS (Bluetooth and USB). Meeting the most stringent PCI 3.x and 4.x security certifications and both PayPass and PayWave contactless/NFC standards, all possible POS requirements can be met. In addition, utilising a common Linux development environment allows applications to be written once, approved and implemented across the entire range, including mPOS.
25 June 2015
TSYS has  announced the results of its 2015 Canadian Consumer Payment Choice Study. The second annual research found that when given a choice, 46 percent of Canadian consumers prefer to pay using their credit cards more than any other payment method. That's up from 34 percent in 2014. The recent online survey of more than 1,200 respondents, age 18 years and older, found that consumer preferences for using credit cards to shop online, combined with an overall increase in e-Commerce, will likely cause a continued rise in credit use.
"Consumers have more payment options than ever before due to the continuing proliferation of new technology and non-traditional companies entering the payments industry," said John Dale Hester, Group Executive of Relationship Management at TSYS. "Our goal from this survey is to provide relevant information to help our clients with their payment strategies, and to create a useful reference tool for other participants in the Canadian payments industry."
23 June 2015
In an innovative move by Paycorp, South Africa’s payments company, ZipZap  mPOS  now provides an additional card reader that enables businesses and retailers to connect to a Windows computer via a USB port as well as the standard Bluetooth capabilities.
Wayne Abramson, CEO of EFTPOS, the  POS  subsidiary of Paycorp said, “We like to provide a range of solutions that will cater to the needs of all our customers. The South African retail sector is vibrant and inventive, but constantly economically pinched, hence the extremely competitive pricing of ZipZap, coupled with transaction rates that are among the lowest in the market.”
ZipZap is the only South African mPOS solution that provides a card reader that can be used across all current mobile operating systems (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Desktop) and is the only one offering a solution compatible with all the latest Windows devices. It is also bank agnostic.
ZipZap provides advantages for businesses and retailers that have previously had to take cash payments or rely on their clients to pay via EFT. ZipZap accepts card payments anywhere, anytime and on any internet connection, providing merchants with the peace of mind that comes from knowing payments are immediate and they don’t have to worry about chasing slow payers
23 June 2015

National Commercial Bank Jamaica (NCB) has upgraded to the latest version of TSYS’ card issuing and merchant management solution — PRIME 4. With PRIME 4, NCB Jamaica will leverage enhanced integrated workflow-driven dispute and chargeback handling, real-time fraud monitoring, collections, instalment and advanced behavioural analytics capabilities. In addition, the bank plans to extend its market offering to include issuing and acquiring support for EMV and contactless cards, MasterCard MCHIP and Paypass, Visa VSDC and PayWave, along with extended acquiring support for AMEX and UnionPay International payment schemes.

22 June 2015

Global Payments, a worldwide provider of payment technology services,  has announced that it has rolled  out the OptBlue programme  for American Express Card  acceptance in Canada on 24 June 2015. OptBlue offers small business merchants a single source for payment processing, pricing, underwriting, risk management, settlement, reporting, support and a consolidated statement. With this launch, Global Payments can now provide a solution that allows merchants to accept American Express the same way as any other card brand. 

22 June 2015

VietinBank and JCBI,   officially held a magnificent launch event for the VietinBank - JCB Hello Kitty Card with Hello Kitty as theme on 19 June  2015. The card targets young customers and ladies who are fond of the cute Hello Kitty.  In addition to the features of international credit card such as making payment via Internet or merchants' POS; money withdrawal at ATMs, Hello Kitty card is a key opening up a world of marvelous Hello Kitty gifts. VietinBank - JCB Hello Kitty Cardmembers get Hello Kitty related rewards when they spend with the card. Making purchases at any JCB merchants, cardmembers earn points to be converted into attractive Hello Kitty gifts such as a suitcase, backpack, water bottle, and toothbrush kit.