Good things don’t come easy and easy things don’t come good. This has been proven for Sysco Hi-Stan International where it has overcome obstacles time and time again, never letting them stop it from its mission of providing the best to its customers, any place and anytime. While the the company has come a long way...

When a company achieves “world’s first”, the journey usually gets tougher as higher expectations are sure to follow, if only to remain ahead and above. NedCard - the world’s first independent smart card module assembly still going strong today with a wide international market reach.

“Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries,” is just one of the few philosophies that Calvin Yau the CEO of CTS-Caliber practises. Caliber Solutions was conceived by a group of technical experts which originally started in Malaysia but are now based in Vietnam and continues to expand throughout the South East Asian region.

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15 December 2015

FIME has been accredited to perform Discover Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) card personalisation validation (CPV) on behalf of Discover, for both Discover and Diners Club International card issuers. FIME will support issuers in achieving compliance to Discover’s EMV requirements, as part of the payment network’s EMV migration activity. FIME has been selected by Discover to provide validation of D-PAS EMV cards prior to market launch. Xavier Giandominici, Director at FIME America explains, “FIME has been working with Discover since 2006 and this accreditation expands FIME’s portfolio to ensure banks have successful, cost-effective and efficient D-PAS implementations.”Ellie Smith, Global Head of Chip Payments at Discover adds, "As joint owners of EMVCo, Discover continues to drive the adoption of chip payments globally. Discover maintains high standards for our chip programme, and FIME's EMV expertise has allowed us to streamline processes to ensure efficient issuance of D-PAS around the globe." FIME works closely with industry participants and is a technical associate of EMVCo. It provides customised, practical consulting to payment card issuers and acquirers to implement EMV chip payments in any marketplace.

29 January 2015

UnionPay International and Bank Mandiri jointly signed a MOU in Jakarta recently, agreeing to launch UnionPay card acceptance in all ATMs under the bank, and further discuss co-operation on UnionPay card issuance on the local market and online payment, and expand the acceptance of UnionPay cards. Shi Wenchao, President of China UnionPay, and Rico Ustavia Frans, Senior EVP of Bank Mandiri, were present at the ceremony. Over the recent years, more and more Chinese people travelled to Jakarta, Bali Island and other places in Indonesia and China has also become Indonesia’s largest trade partner and tourist source country as well as one of the major destinations for Indonesian students to study abroad. UnionPay cards can now be conveniently used in Indonesia and will be accepted by over 40% of the local ATMs after this cooperation. In addition, UnionPay cards can also be used for purchases in duty-free shops, restaurants, hotels and other places frequently visited by tourists. Shi Wenchao said China and Indonesia have witnessed closer relationship in trade and personnel exchanges with the implementation of the “Maritime Silk Road” strategy. By seizing this opportunity, UnionPay is proactively pushing forward the expansion of the scope of co-operation and the deepening of relationship among all parties in Indonesia in respect of the bank card industry and UnionPay card services. Moreover, UnionPay is also accelerating the development of UnionPay card services in an innovative manner to better serve UnionPay cardholders and support the development of the bank card industry in Indonesia.

28 December 2014

Morpho has signed a contract with AOI Electronics to produce the Egyptian national e-ID card. Abdel–Mohsen Abdel–Sadek Ismail, Chairman of AOI Electronics, Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho and Walid Ghobrial, CEO of Morpho Egypt, officiated the signature ceremony, which took place during an official visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Paris. The multi-year contract will cover the production and issuance of highly secure inlays. AOI Electronics will be responsible for local production of the inlays in Egypt, with materials, technology and support provided by Morpho. The inlays will be integrated by Civil State Organisation (CSO) factory of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. As a core component in smart ID cards, the new inlay will make the Egyptian e-ID card one of the most secure in the world today. In addition to embedding a smart chip allowing e-services, digital signature applications with match-on card, the Egyptian e-ID card inlay will incorporate other complex security features to protect against fraudulent use, including 3D technology.

17 December 2014

HID Global announced that the company has been selected as one of China's Top 10 Access Control Brands for 2014 for the eleventh consecutive year. The Top 10 awards winners are selected by industry-leading distributors, system integrators, installers, end users and designers. The award reinforces the company’s ongoing initiatives to deliver new capabilities for meeting current and future secure identity requirements in the region. “It is a great honor to be recognised by one of the most influential security media publications in China,” said Eric Chiu, Director of Sales, Greater China with HID Global. “The award further validates our dedication to continually support customers with innovative solutions for an ever-growing range of applications.” HID Global won the award for its iCLASS SE solutions that enable seamless convergence of multiple applications onto a single smart card or other device. Powered by the company’s Seos technology, iCLASS SE platform solutions include readers, interoperable microprocessor-based credentials (cards, smartphones and other mobile devices) and encoding tools. The platform simplifies how identities are created, used and managed across physical and logical access control, biometrics, cashless vending, customer loyalty programs, transit and other applications.

17 December 2014

Gemalto announces it will provide KDDI with its UpTeq multi-tenant LTE SIM to secure their Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services. The VoLTE service will enable subscribers to enjoy improved voice quality, simultaneous voice and data usability, and seamless connectivity using the newer IP-based 4G LTE network. With data speeds for LTE being four times faster than 3G networks, calls will be connected much faster than in a traditional 3G network. This move to LTE will allow KDDI to offer both voice and data services on one single network. In future, KDDI will also be able to launch a whole new set of secure and interactive services for its subscribers. This extends Gemalto's relationship with KDDI where Gemalto's high end SIMs, platforms and services have successfully supported the operator's NFC rollout. "With VoLTE having the potential to be a US$16 billion dollar business by 2017, KDDI is entering the market at the right time, just as it starts to heat up," said Michael Au, President South Asia and Japan at Gemalto. "In addition, Japanese consumers' mobile savviness means they have the latest handsets to make the most of VoLTE. With this deployment, KDDI will be able to develop new revenue streams and prepare their business for the future."

15 December 2014

Coming to Salt Lake City in February, the 2015 SCA Payments Summit will bring together hundreds of executives to answer some of the biggest questions in payments today: Will the US be ready for EMV chip payments by the fraud liability shift date in October? Can Apple Pay be the catalyst that makes mobile payments a part of everyday life? How are transit agencies trailblazing the industry by being early adopters of mobile and open contactless payments? The 8th Annual Payments Summit will be held on 3-5 February 2015 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah with the pre-conference payments technologies and innovations workshop on 2 February 2015. EMV chip payments and mobile wallets are no longer just ideas for the future of US payments – these technologies are a reality today as 600 million chip cards are expected in the market in 2015 and with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Softcard and other mobile wallets giving consumers the ability to make mobile payments on a regular basis. However, there is still a significant road ahead to reach widespread adoption.

15 December 2014

First Data and Verifone announced a partnership to help US merchants reduce exposure to large-scale consumer payment data breaches and expedite merchant acceptance of EMV enabled credit and debit cards. Large-scale theft of consumer payment data from merchants’ integrated POS systems is among the biggest challenges facing the payments industry. Another challenge comes from the significant number of merchants POS integrators and other payment providers looking to certify new EMV-capable devices in response to the mandated fraud liability shift from bank to merchant in October 2015. “As we have seen over the past few years, data breaches have become widespread and undermine consumer confidence and privacy. While EMV acceptance in the marketplace will strengthen data protection, it creates a burden on merchants and those that serve them,” said Guy Chiarello, President of First Data. “This partnership with Verifone furthers our objective of working with the leading payment technology providers to benefit merchants and their customers.” To address this burden, First Data will now offer Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA) solution to its US merchant clients who use Verifone equipment within an integrated POS (IPOS) system. SCA helps to solve the difficulties of EMV compliance by eliminating the flow of consumer payment data into the IPOS. Payment data will also now flow through First Data’s TransArmor data protection solution, enabling encrypted delivery directly to First Data from the Verifone payment terminal.

12 December 2014

Cardtek Middle East has recently signed a partnership agreement with Bank Sohar, based in Oman for their card issuance processes. Bank Sohar custormers will be able to receive their cash or credit cards from their bank branches instantly as of January 2015. With Zebra Technology’s instant card printers and SmartSoft’s Palmaris software designed for these machines, customers will be able to get their cards under one minute. With the instant card issuance system to be installed in Bank Sohar’s 26 branches, the credit cards will be easily transferred to EMV Chip technology from magnetic stripe cards. SmartSoft’s Palmaris, which functions smoothly with all the card printing machines in the sector, will enable the smooth transition. In addition to the instant card issuance application Palmaris enables the bank branches to keep track of the card stocks digitally. Palmaris monitors the card stocks on one database, sends the information to card printing offices and bank branches, provides updated information frequently and gives warning messages when the stocks are decreasing. Users can also install an auto-ordering feature and give instant card orders when the stocks are under a level of their choice. The system also provides banks to reduce their costs from delivery and distribution of the cards to their customers as well as reducing the loss of cards during delivery.

10 December 2014

MasterCard announced that it has granted Smartlink a license to host and offer a white label version of the MasterPass wallet to its customers. Smartlink operates a wallet platform that allows European financial institutions and merchants to build their individual personalised applications. Besides offering its customers innovative and enhanced mobile wallet services for payment solutions in line with market trends, Smartlink is now able to enrich its services with the MasterPass technology. The services include new checkout capabilities, enabling the completion of a transaction in a matter of few clicks. Smartlink will introduce MasterPass to MasterCard issuers, with a primary focus in Switzerland and France, which supports accelerating the growth and acceptance of MasterPass in Europe. “MasterPass helps merchants increase sales by giving consumers a fast, simple and secure checkout experience” said Eric La Marca, MD of Smartlink. “Our mobile wallet solution extends our merchants’ business to their consumer’s mobile phones, brings added value services and creates new revenue streams. We are pleased to offer the MasterPass technology, and look forward to continuing to work with MasterCard and their partners to further enhance our solution.”

10 December 2014

HPS announces that Cypriot acquirer & processor JCC has deployed the new PowerCARD Version 3 solution. JCC will use the new version of PowerCARD to support the e-Payment activity of its new bank clients. The PowerCARD solution will improve efficiency of JCC’s clients by providing a high degree of flexibility, self-sufficiency, as well as saving time through the HPS single customer view. The solution also meets the unique needs of the banks by flagging commercially important and high-risk customers for easy management. By automating much of the work process, PowerCARD-V3 will reduce the bank client costs, leading to an increase in profits. PowerCARD-V3 is based on a SOA architecture and offers a rich library of standardised web services, an ETL technology simplifying the development of batches and the generation of reports in different formats (XML, TEXT, CSV) and new client interfaces, based on Java, compatible with all web navigators. PowerCARD-V3 offers a multitude of enhanced functionalities such as Compliance Management, Switch Monitoring, Case Management, and more. “HPS’ new PowerCARD V3 solution was the obvious choice for us,” said Neophytos Karamanos, MD, JCC. “The solution will help us to maintain our ongoing goal of providing our customers with the best possible service. Being able to pass on all the benefits of PowerCARD-V3 to our bank’s clients has helped us to meet the company’s unique needs. Having worked with HPS in the past we knew they would provide us with an excellent and reliable product. We are very happy with HPS’ service and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”